NEW VISION FOR TECHNICAL SERVICES was established in 2016 to support and enhance the capabilities of the industrial sector, by providing high quality NDT services and solutions, training and consulting. All Divisions are directed by highly qualified and experienced engineers in all fields of work.
• Company NDT services are mainly oriented to large companies such as Oil and gas, power plants (electric generating companies) which need the highest sensitivity techniques and it aim to cover all other NDT activities, In Jordan and neighbors.
•The goal is to protect people, the public, equipment and the environment in which it work and live. So, it complies with all applicable laws and everyone is responsible and accountable for HSE (Health, Safety and Environmental).

Company Vision:

To become one of the leading Non-Destructive testing companies in the middle-east region offering a world-class services and training.

Company Mission:

• Provide high quality NDT services, using the latest technologies, to the industrial sector. • Offer top quality training courses aimed at equipping trainees with the knowledge and expertise necessary for a successful career in the field of NDT. • Provide professional consulting to our clients. • Provide innovative solution to our clients

Organizational Structure:

Quality policy

New Vision for Technical Services Company is committed to provide the best services to its customers by continuing to develop its work methods, services and meet the requirements of all customers by fully complying with the quality standards through:
1. Provide NDT services according to the quality standards.
2. Meet the needs and desires of customers.
3. Determine and review the quality objectives and take into account the continuity in their application to achieve a continual improvement of the system.
4. Adhering to the ISO 9001 Quality Management System and its requirements to achieve the company policy and ensure improvement of the company's services not only by meeting customer expectations but by exceeding their expectations in the quality of services provided.