was established in 2011 to provide full comprehensive contacting for all types of building. We are specified our work now on electromechanical works. Target: To be leader, Preferable and best in the construction work.

Vision and Mission :

New Vision for Technical Services is ISO 9001:2015 certified company was established in the year 2016 as an extension and developing to our old company (new engineering Vision contracting company). The main goal for the NDT Company is to support and enhance the capabilities of the industrial sector, by providing High quality NDT services and solutions, training, consulting. Our team of highly qualified professional staff according to NVTS written practice which is based on ASNT – SNT – TC-1A and the wide range of modern equipment available at our company give us the capability to meet most of the needs of the industrial sector in the field of NDT whether it is personnel training, consulting, on-site inspection, we offer also Third Party Inspection (TPI) services. We are audited, demonstrated and qualified by GE as a NDT service provider for them in Jordan and outside.

Vision :

• To become one of the leading non-destructive testing companies in the middle-east region offering a world-class services and training.

Mission :

Our mission is to:
• Provide high quality NDT services, using the latest technologies, to the industrial sector.
• Offer top quality training courses aimed at equipping trainees with the knowledge and expertise necessary for a successful career in the field of NDT.
• Provide professional consulting to our clients.
• Provide innovative solution to our clients